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"A few miles off the highway,

A million miles from ordinary..."






My experience with photography began early. As a preteen I would sit in my fathers' "wet dark room" and observe the images magically appear on the white paper, smelling the pungent odor of the chemicals as the photo paper was dipped from bath to bath, under the glow of a red light. I watched, learned, and practiced as he taught me about the techniques of modifying black-and-white photos to change their outcome.

With my father's encouragement a Minolta 35mm camera with a long lens would come into my life. My parents would 

drive me to the beach to take surfing photos along the Southern California coast where I grew up. By my mid-teens I become consumed  with cars, and started taking photos at regional sports car races.

This led to entering and winning numerous photo contests early on with "black and white" photography, and later by the early 80s with "color" photography having images published as magazine covers.Now, my film cameras only collect dust and enjoy the use of digital.


As a current member of the "Motor Press Guild," "San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild," and the "San Diego Art Institute," I have the opportunity to use my camera constantly to improve my craft, whether "B/W" or "Color."


As an artist I find something magical about storytelling with a camera and being an image maker, respecting the past but unafraid of innovation.​​  My images celebrate memories, rusted or old, shiney or new and will immerse you in their soul, color, texture, and design. They are unique interpretations of motoring emotion. 


I put the same thought into my uniquely different vintage images, with attention to color, composition and quality of light. If I was asked to describe them, I would call them "A little raw with an attitude."


Let me know what image to print for you from table top size to full wall size prints!


Please note: All the images on the website are "Open Editions." For "Limited Editions," signed and numbered, as well as upper end "Acrylic and Aluminum Mounted Prints," please contact me.

 Cell 619.518.9945, [email protected]